Sunday, January 26, 2014

Utah Distance Challenge and Boise Results

Utah Distance Challenge Click HERE
New Balance Boise Indoor - Jacksons Invite Click HERE

We had some great performances this week. The distance team race at the Utah Distance Challenge and Michael Bluth went up to a very competitive meet in Boise Idaho. 

Michael Bluth had a seller meet winning the 400 and the 200 at Boise. This really goes to show how good Michael really is.  It would of been great go up and watch him run. 

The distance team attended their first meet. It was a great meet for us. Most of the distance runners set pretty good PR's. This is a really good sign because of how early it is in the season. The hard work that a lot of kids put in during Cross Country and the start of this year is already paying out dividends. 

Competitor Award - One thing that is hard to learn is to be a competitor. Athletes with that winning mentality are the funnest to watch and typically have the biggest improvements over the years. 

-Kim Adiar, Brooklyn Dutton, Rachel Rigby, Katie Chrisopherson, Levi Wolfley, Ashely, Tracen Warnick, Michael Mclean

Risk Taker Award - This highlights the athletes that clearly had a plan and tried to execute it not worrying about dying off but testing their bodies limits. These early meets are great races to take risk. If you have small controllable goals each race and take risks it is impossible not to improve almost every race. 

- Alyssa, Josh Figgins, Brady Earley, Duncan Forester. 


Friday, January 24, 2014

Simplot Games

Simplot games is coming soon. Thursday - Saturday February 13-15

1. I need to know if you are going  to race and what events you will be running by the 29th so that i can sign you up.
2. It cost $20 per athlete and $5 for every additional event.
3. Fill out a release forms. I need your release forms ASAP. Come grab them from me or click HERE and print one off your self.
4. You need to find your own ride and hotels or place to stay.

Schedule click HERE

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Distance Challenge

The Utah Distance Challenge is this week. Everyone one on our team is running the mile unless you have arranged something different with me. All 800 runners are going to do a 400 after the mile.  You are required to pay for yourself($5). It is also your duty to find a ride there.  We will meet at the school at 3:30. Unless you are running a different event besides the Mile.


Friday, January 24, 2014
Olympic Oval (5662 Cougar Lane, Kearns)

$5 per athlete—covers all events. Registration and seeding will take place at the Oval on the day of the meet. No pre-registration is required. There is no cost to coaches or spectators. Checks should be made out to 'Davis County Running Club'

1. We will run the fast heat first in each event. Races will not begin before the scheduled time, but may start late based on the number of participants.
2. 3/16 inch pyramid spikes. The same size spikes are required two weeks later at the UHSTCA Meet. Spikes may only be worn on the track surface. Please remove your spikes when leaving the track.
3. Athletes need to be at the starting line for check-in 15 minutes prior to their event.
4. We have permission from the Olympic Oval to bring in our own food, but need to be sure to clean up after ourselves.
5. Runners from states other than Utah are invited to participate.
6. The top eight heats of the 400m Dash will be run in lanes with 4 runners per heat. The remaining heats will be waterfall starts with 6-8 runners per heat.

Special Thanks to sponsors: Dairy Farmers of Utah and Salt Lake Running Company

Events Order

4:00 pm Track open for warm-up
5:00 pm Girls 1600m
6:00 pm Boys 1600m
7:00 pm Girls 400m
7:20 pm Boys 400m
7:45 pm Girls 800m
8:00 pm Boys 800m
8:20 pm Girls 3200m
8:40 pm Boys 3200m

Sunday, January 19, 2014

BYU Invite

The BYU Invitational was this weekend. This was the biggest that I have ever seen this meet. There was a ton of schools and a ton of great competition. Our sprinters and jumpers were the only two groups to attend.

60m Dash:   On the girls side Lexi Jackson made the finals in the 60m and finished  7/90 Girls and Kylee Finished 11th. On the boys side Michael Bluth finished 5/150 Runners.

200m:  In the 200m dash  our girls finish 6, 11, 15, 29 out of 90 runners. Our boys went 1,3, 12, 25, 26 out of 100 runners. Michael Bluth and Kylee Tirell leaded the charge for the silverwolves.

400M:   The boys totally dominated this race with Michael Bluth winning the race with a very impressive time of 49.61. The boys team went 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 11th. Showing just how good our 400 squad is at Riverton.

4*1 lap: Both our boys and girls represented well in the 4*322m race finishing first.

60M Hudles: Kenne Thronley also performed really well in the hurdles finishing 7th out of 34 runners.

BIG CONGRATS TO MICHAEL BLUTH FOR BEING ATHLETE OF THE MEET. His first place finish in the 400, 200, and 4*1 lap as well as his 5th place finish in the 60m earned him the honor of most outstanding athlete of the meet. 

For full result click HERE

Friday, January 17, 2014


Meet starts at 9am at BYU Smith Field House
Click HERE for Directions

Click HERE for Schedule
More information click HERE

Good Luck Team!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We are selling all the old uniforms and gear. You can use these for indoor track. the prices will range from $2-$10. If you want to buy one pay the office and bring me a receipt. First come first serve.

Old Jerseys and Gear

$10 - Purple Nike purple
$8- XC varsity Jersey
$5 - Orange Jersey
$4 - Purple Jersey
$3 - Black Asics Jersey with white stripe
$2 - Spandex Asics Jersey.

$4 - Warmup pants or jacket
$7 - Combo pants and jacket

$3 - Race Shorts

$2 - Bag
$3 - Riverton Tee Shirts
$4 - Riverton Dry Fitt Tee Shirts
$10 - Sweater

Also sometime this week the spirit packet website will be up for ordering Riverton Track Gear. There will be nice New Balance Jersey for sale that you can use for indoor track.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Utah State High School Indoor Invitational!

                 JUMP TEAMS -  Start off  2014 STRONG at Utah State Invitational!

 Weston Ford places Third in the Long Jump competition with a leap of 20'3.5 - 4.5 inches off of winners jump.
 Weston also placed Third in the High Jump with a leap of 5'10" [6'.3" was the winning jump]
 Dallin Fuell placed Fourth in the high jump with a mark of 5' 8"
 Taylor Chelak placed Seventh in the Woman's Long Jump Competition

 Congratulations to ALL the members that participated today "Great Way" to start off your season! We look for great results in 2014!

Results Click HERE

- Coach Chelak

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Distance Practice

Practice is now shifting to after school. Let everyone one know.

Morning Practice: Morning practices are starting at 6 AM at the School.