Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Nike Cross Regionals (November 21-23)
1. School release form needs to be fill out and turned in: Grab them from me Due Tuesday 11/5/13
2. Make sure you are a current USATF member, click HERE to become one, it is $30 and  make sure you are associated with our club 34-0190. When signing up you will put in our club number.
3. NXR Cost = $150 Make Check out to West Lake High School. Due Tues. 11/5/13
4. NXR Itinerary click HERE

Footlocker Regional( December 5-8) 

1. Bring all 3 school released forms to me ( MAKE SURE THE ONE IS NOTARIZED) by Tues.11/5/13
2. Fundraiser is this Saturday. Race starts at 8:30 - Be there at 7:30 to help
3. Payment is Due Tues - 11/5/13   - Amount paid to the office is $342.75
4. Click HERE to see the Itinerary. We are doing option # 1.

Cross Country Awards Banquet( November 14th)

1. Date: November 14th at 6:00pm
2. Where: Tech Atrium at Riverton High School
3. Potluck Dinner - To sign up to bring something click HERE

Footlocker Fundraiser ( November 2nd)

2. Friday the 1st after practice will meet and get the stickers ready for the Runners.
3. Saturday at 7:30am  meet to get everything ready and help with registration
4. Race start at 8:30am
5. There is a 5k run and a 1 mile run/walk

Pre-Footlocker(November 9th)

1. Pre-Footlocker is November 9th at American Fork High School.
2. I need to know if you are going by Tuesday 11/5/13
3. Click HERE  and fill out the form to let me know you are going.

Soccer Gear For Honduras

1. Please bring as much soccer gear to my room 2303
2. We will send it off to kids of all ages in Honduras

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Morning Practice

Remember that there is morning practice at 6AM. We will be running and lifting.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Here is a improvement chart from the year.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Saturday Practice

Practice will be at 8 am this Saturday. Good luck to those taking the ACT!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time to make the choice of how great you want to be.

Watch this video courtesy of Andrew Dutton. Click HERE

This years XC season

We have such a great team this year. You guys are such hard workers, have great attitudes and you are great kids. I am honored to be your coach. I am honored to be part of Riverton High School. Click HERE for state Results

Post Season has started now. We will not practice as a team Thursday and Friday but Saturday we will meet and go on a nice easy run and play some games. Monday we will start back and hit training again for those who are running at footlocker and NXR. We will meet before school at 6am for lifting and a 30 minute run Monday - Friday. Freshman and sophomores only have to meet in the morning 3 times a week. After Footlocker and NXR are over we will give you a full 2 weeks active break.


We are going to do a fundraiser for Foolocker and Nike Regionals. This will be a 5k and all the money will go to help you guys pay for your races. The race will be Saturday November 2nd. I will have a page for you to get people to sign up. Click HERE to view registration form. Come pick them up from me ASAP or print them yourself.

Service Project 

REMINDER: We are doing a humanitarian aid project were we are sending soccer equipment(balls,shoes, clothes etc) to Horrendous. Please bring everything you can. Thanks

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Team Dinner

Team Dinner this week is at Rylee Woods House at 6:30. To sign up to bring something click HERE.

Also just a reminder that the bus leaves at 12:00. You will be check out at 11:30.  Mckayla runs at 2:00pm and the boys run at 3:30. Remember that we have a goal for the best team spirit. Be there and be ready to cheer loud.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


We need to start getting our stuff done so that we can go to footlocker

1. You need to tell me ASAP if you are planning on going to footlocker
2. You as an athlete needs to register for the footlocker race yourself. CLICK HERE
3. Fill out option 1 form. These need to be given to me. To View Click HERE
4. Fill out school release forms. GET FORMS FROM ME.
5. Pay the  $280 for transportation & hotels + optional $55  at the office by November 4th. I need to have the payment into them by the 8th.

Total Cost:  Pay to the office
 Travel/Motel  -      $280.00
 Disney land -         $55.00
 District insurance  - $7.75
                      Total - 342.75

Plus - Cost for food + others = around $7 per meal
7*10 = $70

Entry Fee = $15

Total Cost = Around $400

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Region Result

Great Job at region. There were a lot of great races and a lot of people came prepared ran there personal best. The team set some individual goals and almost everyone reached those goals that they were shooting for. I am proud of you guys this season and I am excited to see where you will be in the future.

It is hard to be part of such a great region. If you are not ready and prepared then it will chew you up and spit you out. It is hard not to go to state. It is hard to not reach all of our team goals.  But this is a great learning experience. It is a horrible feeling that we never want again.  We need to take what happened and change the things that didn't work. We need to be better at doing the little things. We need to make sure that we are mentally prepared and ready to go, not only in races, but in workouts as well. We need to make sure we are helping everyone on the team become better. We need to make sure we are not sorting ourselves from our potential. Great moments come from great opportunities and we start preparing for those great opportunities by the little things we do months and months before.

The great thing about being part of a great region is;

 1) Being part of a hard region makes us better.  We  have to step up to the challenge that are in front of us. Which makes us better athletes and people. If we were part of those weaker regions then we would be content with being mediocre. Because our region is tough we become better and more refined. We realize that it will take a lot hard work and dedication to be successful. We welcome and except and are excited for this challenge as a  member of Riverton High Cross Country.
2) Because it is hard when you do succeed it means more. Thomas Paine said, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly."

Congrats to the boys team for making it to state and Mckayla for making it individually and running such a great race.

For full results click HERE

Friday, October 11, 2013


Region is coming up. That means for most of you it is you last race of the season. Make sure that you are doing the things today that will help you be prepared for tomorrow. This means eat right, get your full sleep, find something relaxing to do and make a game plan for your race. You guys are great runners and have had a great year. You have worked hard.  Believe in yourselves and trust in your abilities and training.

“Satisfaction lies in the effortnot in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Practice this Saturday(10/12) is at 7am it will be a normal distance day with some 200 at the end.

Team Dinner 
Team dinner will be at the Morgan's house Tuesday 10/15 click HERE to sign up for something to bring.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Practice time for Wednesday

Due to parent teacher conferences tomorrow there will be no school for the high school kids.  For this reason we will be having two different practices. One at 7am and one at 3pm. It is just a normal distance day. Remember to do 6 long strides and your core and pushups.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hey Team,

Sorry this is so late. Because of technical difficulties with Park City's timing system, result weren't posted until Saturday night.  We had an amazing showing from our team. On the JV side I was very impressed with the aggressiveness.  Rylee and Katie starting out in front and finishing 6th and 11th respectively. On the boys side Derrick, Josh, Courtland, Craig and Drew all having really good races. There performance gave our JV a 3rd place finish out of 28 teams. Kamille, Brooklyn, Rebecca and Grace all ran great times as well.  A good amount of you ran about the same time or faster times than what you ran at Nebo invite. Park city race was the same distance as the Nebo invite but Park City's course was considerably harder not to mention it being colder.

What a great showing on the varsity boys side. Congrats to the boys for winning their first cross country race in school history. All of the boys ran great. Brady, Clay, Michael, Landon and Hyrum stepped up and all ran PR's. Brady, Clay, Michael, and Hyrum ran about the exactly the same times as they did last week a Nebo. 

The girls varsity team ran really well. Brooke, Katie, Britney and Zoe all had amazing races. They all ran about the same time at this race then they did at Nebo. They took 9th out of 25 teams. I feel this was one of our best races for the girls this year.

Michael is the boys runner of the week. Last year we had a great boys team. Michael ran faster on this course than any of our boys did last year. He was in great possession the whole race and if he would of had his normal finishing speed, we would of gone 3, 4 and 5 in the race. He was confident with his abilities, he looked ready and focused and ran an amazing race.

Britney is the runner of the week on the girls side. She ran 40 seconds faster at Park City then she did at Nebo. And for the first time this year she cracked into the top 5 of varsity. That race that she ran was about a 1 minute PR. Britney is looking so strong when she is running right now. Congrats and thanks for the hard work.

For full results click HERE

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Team dinner this week will be held at the Dutton House at 6:30. Click HERE To sign up for something to bring.

Go Riverton XC!!!!