Sunday, September 30, 2012

Park City Invite

The meet went well this week. The course was a 2.95 mile race at a higher elevation and with half the course  being uphill.  We are starting to really hit our strides and you can see fitness improving. Almost everyone at the meet this week PR'ed. This was despite a killer workout that left most of your legs really sore. Remember that our main focus is for Region and State. Things are really look promising for both the guys and the girls. Only one more week until region. This crunch time. All the time, effort and hard work you have put in has been for these last two races let's make them good.

For results click HERE

Great moments are born from great opportunity.
And that's what you have here tonight, boys.

That's what you've earned here, tonight.

The Miracle

Friday, September 28, 2012



We will be running a race to support a young lady who was diagnosed with cancer. The race cost $25 we are not going to pay that. We will just pitch in a little bit from us all. We are going to say $10 dollars a piece but it is not required. You can pitch in whatever you want.

Thank and congrats on racing great this week. I was very impressed how well you all ran the workout earlier in the week was brutal and should of effected you performance  at the race this week.

  Bywater Park 3149 E Banbury Rd (7420 S), Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park City

Meet at 12:45 to leave for park city tomorrow.

This is a big meet. Be prepared to run fast.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Service Project

Our service projector for the year is to jump in a 5k this Saturday 9/29/12. This will count for our practice. It is to help support an old teammate of Shelise and Myself. She is in her 20's and has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Some friends of her's are putting on a 5k to raise money to help pay for medical expenses. To register click HERE.

We are going to meet at the school at 6:30 and car pool over to the course. We think the fee is probably to high to require so we want you to donate what ever you can. And we will just go run the 5k to show our support. Thanks everyone.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Park City Invite

1. Park City Invite is this week. There will be a Parent/Coaches/Spectator race at 4:00 pm for all you parents who want to run. There is no cost but you can make a donation. The kids will run after, starting at 4:45.

The schedule goes as follows

4:00 Open/Public Race (donation only -- no fee)
4:35 Girls 3 Mile JV
5:10 Boys 3 Mile JV
5:45 Girls Varsity (Top 10) 
6:20 Boys Varsity (Top 10) 
6:50 Awards

2. They just put out the national rankings for high school Cross Country. Congrats to our boys for being ranked # 40 in the nation out of about 20,000 high schools.  Click HERE to see the rankings.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nebo Invitational

Both boys and girls raced well on Friday. The course was a 3.1 miles. The only other race that has been a true 5k was Pre Region. Comparing those, many of you have dropped times considerably since that race. Congrats! Hard work pays off!!

Boys had a chance to step up and see what it was like racing at a higher level and rose to the challenge. There are a few who could have gotten in the top ten in the race they normally race. Being the best requires competing against the best! Way to work hard and step up!!

Girls also raced well. A lot reported on the race being long mentally. Mia Hamm said “The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.” In order to be a champion, one must be able to challenge herself. Everyone in that race experience the same race, but it is how each individual reacts to it determines the champion. I saw each girl mentally tougher than the beginning of the year. Good job girls!!

For race results click HERE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Flo Track Videos

MAINTENANCE WORK Arizona Girls Team Click HERE



Sunday, September 16, 2012



Good job varsity boys at your race. We competed against the best teams in the state and nation. Ogden, Davis and American Fork all are ranked in the top 10 in the southwest region. American Fork and Davis are  both ranked in the top ten in the nation.  We are competing with them. They are not unbeatable. The hard work that you guys put in is showing and you have put yourselves in position to some great things. Crunch time is now let's not ease up.

Interesting fact is that we were the first team to get all seven of our runners in. WOLF PACK!!! 


Girls race went well. This was one of our first races we were able to have a full strong team. We had the second best team spread and took 5th out of 15 teams. Our 3rd - 6th runners were only 30 seconds from each-other.We were also the 3rd team to get 5 runners in. We were also the 2nd team to get 6 runners in.  This is a good indicator of our depth and potential. We are there with some good teams. Let's keep working hard and push that pack up.

I want to say how proud I am of you guy that were called to race against competion that was above where you have ran this year. Thanks for working hard and giving it your all. The teams focus in races is getting better and you are learning how to race. This focus is usually a good sign of PR to come. 

For results click HERE 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Murray Invitational 2012

"You always have to prepare for the obstacles that are going to come. Consequently, when they do come, it doesn't affect you mentally near as much as when you're unprepared for them."
-Lou Holtz

There were a lot of great athlete who came out to run. Girl's team was focused and ready to compete and the boys' hard work paid off -- top 4!

The main focus to learn from this race is preparation. It is an important thing to be prepared in racing. Know your opponents, know the course, know what you are capable of and be prepared to act. Big races need this type of preparation and is what will take an athlete to the next level. This was a good race to learn for Region and State. Be prepared.

For Murry Invitation Results click HERE

Friday, September 7, 2012


We are meeting at 10500 S 1300 E Sandy, UT 84094 at 7am for the Dimple Dell run.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Utah County XC Invite

For results click HERE

Many of you learned what it is like to run as a team today. Synergy is defined the sum is greater than its parts aka 2 + 2 = 10. It is a powerful feeling experiencing synergy and racing next to your teammates. Members of the team were inquiring what synergy was and why it is important to pack up during a race. I explained the “Lessons from the Geese”.
This was an article re written by Ron Pereira:

The Way of the Goose: 5 Running and Life Lessons

April 21, 2009 By Ron Pereira
We humans can learn a lot from geese. Yes, that’s right, geese. In fact, in 1991 Angeles Arrien gave a speech called “Lessons from Geese” that was largely based on the work of Milton Olson. What follows is my take on the story.
Lesson 1: Fly Together
It’s truly a marvelous site to see a group of geese flying together in perfect V formation. Research has shown that as each goose flaps its wings an intense uplift is created for the birds behind them. Further studies state that this “teamwork” adds 71% more flying range compared to a goose flying on its own.
Moral of the Story: Partnerships and teamwork rule the day. The days of the Lone Ranger are long gone (bad example, as even the Long Ranger had Tonto but you know what I mean). If you surround yourself with excellent people you’re far more likely to succeed than if you attempt to go at it alone.
Lesson 2: Stay in formation
If you’ve ever watched geese fly, you’ve likely seen one fall out of formation. And when this happens the fallen away goose begins to struggle mightily until it manages to fight its way back into formation.
Moral of the Story: Once you’ve established a good team stay together and work together. Sure, times will get tough and you may become annoyed with one another from time to time… but synergy cannot be created by a single person working in isolation.
Lesson 3: Rotate
While flying in V formation the lead goose eventually tires and rotates to the back of the pack to re-charge their battery while another goose takes its place at the front.
Moral of Story: It’s important to share the load amongst team members. It’s also important to ensure that all workers are cross trained and able to perform multiple tasks.
Lesson 4: Honk
While it’s not always possible to hear from the ground, geese are a noisy bunch when flying in V formation. There are several theories of why this is. One theory is the geese honk to encourage each other… while another theory hypothesizes the honking is used to communicate where each goose is. You know, hurry up pal (honk, honk) I’m right on your feathers.
Moral of the Story: No matter the reason for goose honking, it goes without saying that we should always communicate with one another offering encouragement as needed. We should also have ways to communicate when something is not right.
Lesson 5: Leave no Goose Behind
Whenever a goose becomes unable to fly (becomes sick, gets a bullet in the belly, etc.) two other geese fall out of formation and stay with their fallen comrade until the impaired goose is able to fly or dies.
Moral of the Story: The best teams I’ve ever been on were made of people who genuinely cared for each other and would always help each other out no matter the situation. It seems geese figured this out a long time ago.
This is a great article on the importance of synergy and packing up!! Great job on your race today! Hard work and team unity always pay off!! Results will be posted soon.