Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mon, Tue, Wed next week

Monday-Head out for a 3-4 mile run. After the first 2 miles, pick up the pace for about 5 minutes.
Tuesday-Meet at the Cottonwood Complex at 3:30 for the time trials.
Wednesday-5-7 mile run.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Change for today's workout

We will be meeting at the Riverton City Park at 3:30. Don't forget to turn in your eligibility packets asap.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workouts for the next few weeks

Wed (tomorrow)-meet at the school 6:30AM
Thurs-Yellow Fork Canyon 7:00 AM
Fri-school 3:30PM. I will bring popsicles

Week of August 9-13
Mon-RHS 6:30AM
Tues-Veteran's Memorial Park (West Jordan Park) 3:30 PM. Enter from 7800 S. 2000 W. Follow the road inside the park until you find us.
Wednesday-RHS 6:30 AM
Thurs-The hill below Herriman Reservoir (intersection of Emmeline Dr. and Ashland Ridge Dr.) 3:30 PM. I will bring popsicles.
Fri-RHS 6:30 AM

Week of August 16-20
Mon-RHS 6:30 AM
Tue-Sugarhouse Park 7:00 AM. Enter at 1400 E. and 2100 S. As you follow the road around the west side of the park, you will see another road on the left side. Turn on that road and follow it along the north side of the pond until you get to the parking area.
Wed-RHS 6:30 AM
Thurs-Riverton Pool 3:30 PM. Meet on the north side of the pool area. This is the pool by Riverbend Golf Course.
Fri-RHS 3:30PM

Time trials will be held on August 24th. Meet at the Cottonwood Complex at 3:30PM. Team captains will be announced after the time trials.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday and Change of Schedule

Okay, it seems like we will be better off meeting 2 times a week in the afternoon rather than 4 times. For those who cannot make it for the afternoon runs, I will post the workout here on the blog. Try to do it when the temperature is warm if you can (even if it is at 10:00 in the morning). This will help you to be prepared our afternoon races.
Today we did just under 6 miles.
Tomorrow we will meet at the Cottonwood Complex (4400 S. 1300 E.) at 7:00 AM. We will meet at the Southeast parking area right off of 1300 E.