Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 UVU Invitational and AF,LEHI, VS Riverton Tri-Meet

Click HERE for UVU Results
Click HERE for Tri-Meet Results

The meets went really good this week. I can't  ever remember being part such a fun and successful meet as we had at UVU this weekend. The boys won the meet by about 60 points and the girls took second.

As a lot of you know the boys team went for the medley state record and just missed it by .4 of a second but as a consolation prize we broke the school record and qualified for state.

On the girls side we attempted the medley school record(Note the  girls state record is ridiculous) they ran a 4:14 which broke it by 3 seconds and state qualified.

Yuri state qualified in the javelin!!
Michael, Clay and Brandon went 1,2,3 in the 400. Michael PR'd
Mckay state qualified in the 400 and took 7th overall !!!!
Weston ford won the high jump
Kene won the 300 hurdles

Kylee took 2nd in the 300 hurdles
Mckalya took 3rd in the mile
Bre won the 400m
Sydnie Rich took 2nd in the javelin
Charley took second in the Shot Put

I am pretty sure almost everyone had either a season best or an all time personal best. Check out the results!


Thursday, March 27, 2014


The UVU invite is the weekend. They are allowing limited numbers to go to the meet. We are sorry we can't take more.



List of Athletes going to UVU

100 meter High School (G)
1 Lexi Jackson F
2 McKenzie Perschon
3 Alexis Roberts
4 Kylee Tirell
5 Rylee Wood
6. Kate Saunders

100 meter High School (B)
1 Michael Bluth
2 Keaton Kimball
3 Clay Lambourne
4 Simeon Page
5 Brandon Walker

1600 meter High School (G)
1.  McKayla Morgan
2.  Kim Adair
3.  Brooklyn Dutton

1600 meter High School (B)
1 Landon Andrews
2 Tyson Davis
3 Brady Earley
4. Derick Smith

200 meter High School (G)

1 Bre Bate
2 Lexi Jackson
3 Kylee Tirell
4 Rylee Wood
5. Kate Saunders

200 meter High School (B)

1 Michael Bluth
2 Trent Denos
3 Andrew Glenn
4 Keaton Kimball
5 Clay Lambourne
6 Brandon Walker

2000 Steeple High School (B)
1 Landon Andrews
2 Tracen Warnick
3. Josh Figgins
4. Jared Gonzalez

800 meter High School (G)
Becca Chidister
Kaylee Larsen

300 Meter Hurdles High School (G)
1 Kylee Tirell

300 Meter Hurdles High School (B)
1 Kene Thornley

3200 meter High School (G)
1 Zoey Bartlome
2 Brittany Wahlin

400 meter High School (G)
1 Bre Bate
2 Lexi Jackson
3 Rylee Wood 

400 meter High School (B)
1 Alec Abercrombie
2 Michael Bluth
3 McKay Christensen
4 Clay Lambourne
5 Brandon Walker 

800 meter High School (G)
1 Katie Christopherson
2 Katie Coleman
3 Kayzia Glick

Discus High School (G)
1 Stella Faasisila
2 Charlee Farr 

Discus High School (B)
1 Mckay Clarke
2 Cole Wood

High Jump High School (G)
1 Kirsten Spencer
2 Kallie Taylor

High Jump High School (B)
1 Weston Ford
2 Dallin Fuell
3 Jake Parker
Javelin High School (G)
1. Tara Roylance
2 Crystal Palmer
3 Sydnie Rich

Javelin High School (B)
1 Kayden Hansen
2 Yuri Yassin

Long Jump High School (G)
1 Lexi Roberts
2 Kirsten Spencer

Long Jump High School (B)
1 Brock Ballard
2 Weston Ford
3 Dallin Fuell
4 Parker Jacobsen
5 Jake Parker 

Pole Vault High School (B)
1 Drew Erikson
2 Trevor Miles
3 Kaden Sumsion
4 Cayson Williams

Shot Put High School (G)
1 Stella Faasisila
2 Charlee Farr
3. Olivia Nielson

Shot Put High School (B)
1 Mitchell Burnett
2 Kayden Hansen
3 Cole Wood

4x100 High School (B)
Riverton High School A ,
1 Jaky Blad
2 Alec Abercrombie
3 Trent Denos
4 Keaton Kimball

4x400 High School (B)
Riverton High School A ,
1 Alex Muhlestein
2 Jaky Blad
3 Alec Abercrombie
4 McKay Christensen

Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 High School
Riverton High School A 3:33.00,
1 Brandon Walker
2 Michael Bluth
3 Clay Lambourne
4 Sam Coleman

Sprint Medley Relay 2-2-4-8 High School (G)
Riverton High School A 4:18.00,
1 Lexi Jackson
2 Kylee Tirell
3 Bre Bate
4 McKayla Morgan

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Af, Lehi at Riverton

Race starts at 3:30. No one will be excused from class. It will be cold so dress warm.

Order of Events
Running Events
100/110 Hurdles
100m Dash
1600M Run
4x100m Relay
400M Dash
300m Hurdles
800m Run
Medley Relay
200M Dash
3200M Run
4x400M Relay

Field Events Start 3:30
 4 Jumps and throws per athlete (No finals)
High Jump –Girl’s first, Boys will follow – athletes are to be aware of the current height. The bar will not be
Long Jump – Open Runaway.
Pole-Vaults – Starts at 4:00.
Discuss - Open Pit, middle of the track arena.
Shot Putt – Open Pit, north side outside the track facility.
Javelin - Open Pit, South side fields outside the track facilities.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Davis Super Meet Results

Click HERE for results

The Davis super meet was a great success. We had some amazing performances by both the girls and guys showcasing how good our track team really is. Davis super meet is one of my favorite meet for multiple reasons 1) there is a only a few really good teams there(Davis, Riverton, Herriman, Bingham) 2) we get to bring our whole squad to a big meet. This is a great experience for our younger athletes. 3) Great place to have good performances: good competition, great atmosphere and great facilities. 

Girls noticeable performances

Total State Qualifying marks - 4 + 1 relay


1-2 punch by the javelin girls
Sydney Rich -  won the meet and state qualified in the javelin 
Chrystal Palmer - took 2nd place and state qualified
Charley Farr - Threw 34 ft 8 inch just missing state qualifying 
Olivia - Took 10th place but threw over 30 ft in here first meet ever. GREAT START!!!


Mckayla Morgan -  State qualified in the 3200 taking second in the meet.
Zoe Bartlome - Had a huge 30 second PR in the 1600 running a 5:34


Bre Bate - State qualified in the 400 m and took second overall. 
4 By 400 m  team produced a state qualifying mark. 
Lexi Jackson - Tied for 4th in the 100m and took 4th in the 200.
Kylee Tirell  - Tied for 4th in the 100m 


Kirsten Spencer - Finished 5th in the long jump just missing state qualifying , also finished 7th in the high jump
Lexi Roberts - Finished 10th overall in the long jump in her first meet ever

Boys noticeable performances - 

Total State Qualifying marks - 9 + 1 Relay 


Wyatt Pickering - Took 2nd just missing state qualifying mark
Yuri Yassin -  took 3rd just mission state qualifying mark
Kayden Hansen - Took 7 overall


Brady Earley - Smashed the meet record and won the 2 mile
Sam Coleman - took 4 in the mile just and only a few seconds off state qualifying
Landon Andrews- Finished 9th in the 2 mile and had a huge 30 second PR


The sprinter where there usual selves

Michael Bluth - State qualified in the 200 and 400 - 2nd place in the 400
Clay Lambourne - State Qualified in the 200 and 400. Winning the 400 
Brandon Walker - State Qualified in the 400m - 
Kene Thornley - State qualified in the 300m Hurdles
4 by 400 Team State qualified 


Probably the most exciting part of the day was Weston and Dallin Fuell in the high Jump.

Weston Ford - State qualified in the high jump, won the meet and broke the school record
Dallin Fuell - State qualified in the high jump and took 2nd in the meet
Jake Parker - placing third with a PR of 5' 11"

Long Jump -
Weston Ford placing second with a PR of 20' 8.50"
Parker Jacobsen placing fourth with a PR of  20' 3.25"

Pole Vaulters

Almost every pole-vaulter had a PR in the meet. All four of these guys finished in the top 8.
Kaden Sumsion
Cayson Williams
Trevor Miles
Drew Erikson

Monday, March 17, 2014


Riverton Track and Field Team is looking great. We have one of the biggest teams that we have ever had in Riverton history. This is very exciting because it means that our team is going to be good for years to come. Since there are so many kids it is easy to get lost in the numbers. This means that all of you need to be very self motivated.  Us as coaching staff will work our hardest to support you and aid you to become the best athletes that you can be but realize that because there are so many of you it might be a little hard to show the full attention that you deserve. 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Davis Super Meet Information

Davis Super Meet is coming up on Tuesday for Girls and Wednesday for boys

1. We will check out UNIFORMS  on MONDAY to the athletes from 2:30 - 3:30
3. We will check you out at 12:30pm
4. Bus Leaves from the back of the school at 1:00pm
5. Check what event you are registered for click HERE


*Events will be moved ahead when possible

Running Events

3:00 100/110m HURDLES
3:20 100m DASH
3:45 1600m RUN
4:05 4x100m RELAY
4:15 400m DASH
4:30 300m HURDLES
4:45 800m RUN
5:00 Medley RELAY
5:20 200m DASH
5:40 3200m RUN
5:55 4x400m RELAY
6:10 4x800m RELAY
6:30 Presentation of Awards

Field Events

3:00 Pole Vault
High Jump
Long Jump
Shot Put (F-W: 3:00-3:45; A-E: 3:45-4:30. Top 9 will advance to the finals at 4:30)
Discus (A-E: 3:00-3:45; F-W: 3:45-4:30. Top 9 will advance to the finals at conclusion of Shot Put finals

Friday, March 7, 2014

Items needed to participate in Track and Field

1. Participation fee paid to the office = $100 - Due before first meet
2. Try-out checklist completed  - Due NOW
3. Physical - DUE ASAP
4. Online packets  need to be done - DUE NOW CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


NOTE 1: We issue uniforms to the athletes. You don't have to buy one.
NOTE 2: If you want to order Riverton Track Gear CLICK HERE
NOTE 3: If you want to donate to the team CLICK HERE

Making money for our track program can be really easy. We can have really nice stuff that will aid in helping have a great track program.

- Exercise equipment
- Equipment for throwers, pole-vaulters, jumpers,
- timing system, timing clocks
- New uniforms
- New podium
- New lap counter and finish line bell

Share this link with your friends and family and ask them to donate some money to our program. As little as $1 will help a lot.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Inter-Squad Meet

Good Job everyone in the Inter-Squad Meet

Click HERE to see the result

One of the beauties of track and field is that what ever effort you put in you get out. When I first started track as a sophomore I ran a 200 time trial and it revealed that I was one of the slowest guys on the team. I wanted to be good and i was very competitive so I worked hard and by the next year I was the best distance runner in my little schools history.

Jim Ryan was the first high school runner to break the 4 minute mile. He got cut from multiple teams he tried out for. He decided to do Cross Country. He said he was one of the worst runners on his team but by the end of that Cross Country season he was one of the best his state.

Michael Jordan was cut from his sophomore basketball team. Walt Disney was told he didn't have any imagination.

The point is that to be successful in life and in track in field there are a few key component.

1. Attitude
2. Hard work
3. Consistency
4. Resilience   - Not giving up
5. Belief in yourself.

Being GREAT doesn't come overnight and only comes to those that are willing to do what it takes.

We as coaches are very excited for this season. We see a lot of young talent and a lot of kids with great attitudes.  Enjoy these moments, enjoy being part of a successful team, enjoy the relationship you will develop and enjoy the life long benefit this sport will bring.