Sunday, September 16, 2012



Good job varsity boys at your race. We competed against the best teams in the state and nation. Ogden, Davis and American Fork all are ranked in the top 10 in the southwest region. American Fork and Davis are  both ranked in the top ten in the nation.  We are competing with them. They are not unbeatable. The hard work that you guys put in is showing and you have put yourselves in position to some great things. Crunch time is now let's not ease up.

Interesting fact is that we were the first team to get all seven of our runners in. WOLF PACK!!! 


Girls race went well. This was one of our first races we were able to have a full strong team. We had the second best team spread and took 5th out of 15 teams. Our 3rd - 6th runners were only 30 seconds from each-other.We were also the 3rd team to get 5 runners in. We were also the 2nd team to get 6 runners in.  This is a good indicator of our depth and potential. We are there with some good teams. Let's keep working hard and push that pack up.

I want to say how proud I am of you guy that were called to race against competion that was above where you have ran this year. Thanks for working hard and giving it your all. The teams focus in races is getting better and you are learning how to race. This focus is usually a good sign of PR to come. 

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