Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Schedule

Hey you guys good job this week at the AF meet.  A lot of you guys are putting in a good effort in practice and in races. You know who you are. Keep it up. Us as coaches are continually impressed with your work ethic and enthusiasm all the time.

It is crunch time in our season. We know it is hard to get together during spring break and to run on your vacation. Successful people "DO" when other people won't. Be a doer. For our team to reach its potential this year and the years to come we all need to keep up our hard work.

The spring break schedule goes as follows:

Thursday - 10:00 AM at the school

Friday -  8:00 AM at the school

Saturday - 6:15 Meet at the school if you are competing.
 If you are not competing you are on your own 6-8 Miles

Monday - 7:30 AM at the school

Leave No doubt

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