Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thursday-Hill Run

Thursday we will meet at Butterfield Canyon at 7:30 for our hill run.  To get there you will head west on 12600 S.  Continue past Bangerter Highway and you will come to a spot in the road where you will turn left (south) onto Herriman Highway (Main Street).  That road will take you in a SW direction and then it turns into 13100 S. Stay on this road and it will turn into 13090 S. (it is all one long road)  Eventually, this road will make a turn to the north.  Before the road turns north, there is a road on the left side that you will need to exit on.  I believe that there is a sign for some horse park in that area.  IF YOU START GOING NORTH, TURN AROUND BECAUSE YOU MISSED THE TURN-OFF.  We will be about 1/2 mile or so down that road.  I will try to park at the turn-off part to get your attention.

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