Sunday, August 19, 2012

Season Begins

    Alright, Riverton XC it is that time. The first race of the season is this week! I am very excited. The team has worked hard this summer and it is going to show this year. Heads are going to be turned and we are going to be know as a distance power house.

    My brother Bracken and one of his best friends Jonah Tuatagaloa are some of the most stressful people I know. I have major respect for them. I talk to them all the time about how impressive you all are. They sent  some videos for you. Enjoys them, take notes and watch them more then once. After grab your running journals and look at your goals. Write down new ones and recommit to what you want out of running this year.

Video 1 - Successful people realize that the most precision commodity is time.

Are you doing every workout? Are doing an extra interval or are you skipping one?
Are you skipping doing core?
Are you doing your strides?
Are you doing workouts when the coach isn't there to push you?
Are you giving your all in a race???
Are you icing?
Are you rolling out?

Confidence and mental toughness comes from working hard during the workouts and when others aren't watching. If you have done all that you need to do, then when you step up to the line, you will know that success is yours for the taking.

Video 2 - Effort is how you get noticed. The only thing that follows work is results.Greatness is a lot of small things done well: day after day, workout after workout and obedience after obedience.

Are you putting in the effort?
Do you know when you step to the line that you will work harder than anyone else?

You might not be the most talented but you know that you are the most willing to give it your all. That is why you are going to be successful. NO REGRETS! These people are the ones everyone lines up to see and watch. People like Miles Batty, Gallen Rupp, Michael Jordan, Mo Farrah,  They inspire us to be better because they give it there all on and off the field. If you want results and want to be great there is no other way but by hard work and effort.

Video 3: Success is very intentional and deliberate. Look up, get up and never give up. It aint about how hard you get hit. It is about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.

Successful people do. There is no excusing. There is no complaining. There is no blaming others. they don't fear success they embrace it. They are always asking what can i do to better myself.

You guys are amazing and you inspire me. Let's have a great season with no regrets.


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