Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UP and Coming

1. Practice is on your own tomorrow(OYO) none of the coaches can be there.

2. Guy run at regional this weekend. Everyone wish them luck.

                    a. We are leaving at 2:45 from the school
                    b. Bring money for meals. You will pay for atleast 4 meals and snacks.
                    c. We will try to make it back Saturday night
                    d. Get your parents to excuse you on Friday.
                    e. Sign up for USATF. Member number 34-108

3. All your paper work and money should be in for the Footlocker Race.

                     a. Paid the $285
                     b. Filled out option 1 form    
                     c. Filled out school overnight form
                     d. Filled out medical release form w/Notary
                     e. Registered for the race.    

4. Thanks you all for still coming out and working hard. It will make a big difference when track comes around.

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  1. Rock it this weekend and have a lot of fun!! The experience will be few in your life!!