Monday, August 19, 2013

Highland Meet

We have a meet this week. We will leave Thursday at 2:30 from the North East side of the school. This is by the RHS statue.

1. Please be prepared physically and mentally. Make sure you're eating and drinking right and going to bed at appropriate time. This is not just the day before but it is two day before. Don't over sleep the day of the race. Shoot for around 8-9 hours of sleep. Get up and run a easy 10-20 minute jog with some strider.

2. Make sure that you have a GAME PLAN  and you know your race strategies. Make sure your game plan  is made up of things that are controllable. Controllable race goals might consist of, but are not limited to the following: Saying positive things to myself during the race, Pushing the uphills, Using the down hill, finish the last mile faster than my first two, giving it my all, push through the pain, run together as a group, etc.

3. The tone of the season is set by the first race. Let's go show the rest of Utah how hard we have been working this summer.

4. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A UNIFORM come at 2:00 and pick it up from me. DON'T WAIT TIL 2:30 and expect to get one.

5. If you are not registered for the race please call or text and let me know. Thanks

6. Take risk - These early races are the times to take risks. Growth happens when we take risks, you don't find out anything about yourself if you always stay in your comfort zone. Try running with a person you haven't ran with. Try surging mid race. Try kicking from further out. Do this and you will see your running ability develop much faster.  YOU CANT WIN UNLESS YOU TRY.

7. I listened to a podcast where they interviewed Anthony Whiteman. Anthony Whitman was the first and only person over 40 who has broken the 4:00 mile barrier. He said something that stuck out to me. His words shows me what kind of mindset you need to have to accomplish something that no one has not done before. He said, "Believe in the possibilities, Believe in yourself, expect miracles." DON'T let anyone make you believe that you can't achieve greatness, especially not yourself.

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