Saturday, July 17, 2010

Workouts for Next Week

For those going to camp, remember to meet at the school at 1:00 Monday afternoon.

Here is the workout schedule for those who are not going:
Monday-50 minute run. Your choice of where you want to go.
Tuesday-Run to the "Beware of Bull" sign. Along the canals to the north of the school.
Wednesday-Meet at the South County Pool (12765 S. 1125 W.). There is a hill to the north of the pool that takes you down to the Jordan River Parkway. Go down the hill and run the Parkway for about 15 minutes then head back to the hill. Run up and down the hill 6 times (up 6 and down 6). Cool down for about 15 minutes afterward.
Thursday-Run to the Equestrian Park (by Bingham High). When you get back do 5 minutes of core exercises.
Friday-Run the lower canal square that we did a couple of weeks ago. Ultimate or Gatorball. Breakfast if you want.
Saturday- 5-6 miles for newer runners, 8-9 for the rest.

Have a great week!

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